April 23, Sedona Bike Festival

First annual Sedona Bike Festival.  Last ride of the trip.  Nine days in row.  Too many trails to count. It's been a great nine days, and nice to finish it off by hanging with a few locals at their first bike festival.  Organizer, Thomas, claimed they only had about 25 hardcore riders in Sedona.  No wonder some of their trails were so hard to follow!   We still have plenty of trails that we did not get to ride. We finished off the trip by getting a pair of demo bikes at the festival.  We both tried the Ibis HD 6inch travel bikes.  Went out and did about a 3 hour loop, tea cup, to adante, to thunder mt. and back.  We both really liked the demo bikes, and enjoyed riding the rocky terrain with a little extra cush.  It's been a good trip.  Now, it's back to winter at Snoqualmie Pass.

Specialized, Turner, and Ibis came to the festival with their demo fleets.  Also, the forest service had a booth, and the local bike club.  Pretty low key festival.  Sounds like they were excited to start small.

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