April 22, Huckaby, Wilson Canyon, Jim Thompson, Jordan trails

 Still had the Schnebly Road area on our hit list.  Rode Huckaby trail down to Oak Creek.  Took some time to find a way across the creek. The river was only knee deep.   All the hikers who took the steep trail down to the creek thought we were crazy to have bikes with us on the trail. Once we climbed up to Midley Bridge, we rode out Wilson Canyon trail to Jim Thompson trail, which climbed above uptown Sedona.  Took a little detour on another narrow social trail.  Once near the Jordan trailhead, we searched for the Secret Trail network which would take us back down to the "Y" in town.  We kept running into neighborhoods, and finally took pavement back to the car.  10 miles.  Breezy mid 70's day.

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