July 20, Winthrop - Buck Mountain

We got invited to Don and Val Hecker's place in Winthrop for the week.  We had a great time last year, and were excited to go back.  Temps are only in the 70's, as opposed to the 90's.  Val's suspension pivot was fried, so she had to rent a 29er hardtail until the parts came in, so we had  leisurely breakfast before heading out to the trailhead.  Everything in Winthrop is green with their wet spring.  Had a nice 3 mile climb up the road before hitting the trail.  This ride, which was once trail pieced with roads, is now awesome narrow singletrack.  The new upper section seems to be the obvious way to ride the loop.  Coming off the top, the bushes are growing, making the swoopy, turny trail a little hard to see.  Near the end, Don wanted to also ride to Buck Lake, but we were done, and Val needed a different seat, so we booked down to the car.  Trails were hadpack and smooth and narrow.  This is a must do, short loop.  13.5 miles.



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