July 21, Winthrop - Sun Mountain

Val is still on the hard-tail, so Sun Mountain is next.  Convinced Don & Val to drive up to the mountain and ride more loops up there.  Parked at Chikadee Trailhead.  They usually ride from their place.  Did Rodeo, Fox, Black Bear,Winthrop Trail, Patterson Lake, Up Radar Creek, down Magpie to the cabin and had lunch.  Went out Yellow jacket, Fox out to Aqualoop.  Back on the road to Yellowjacket, up Cris Cross to Overland and back to the car.  Great ride, as the trails were nice and hard pack.  We are used to coming in October, when the trails are loose and real dusty.  Thank the wet spring.  17.7 miles.

Patterson Lake Trail - Headed to Radar Creek

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