July 24, Winthrop - Starvation Mountain

Saturday was a day off.  Kevin & Don went rock climbing, and Francine & Val went to the farmer's market in Twisp.

Today, Val had a meeting in Twisp at 2pm, so we got her to shuttle us most of the way.  Climbed a mile or two to the start of the ride.  Unfortunately, quads are finding their way onto many trails in the area.  It didn't help that this section down to the Blue Buck trail was also a firebreak when they had the big fire a few years ago.  I believe motorcycles are allowed, but NOT quads.  So, we had 5 miles of quad/moto style road/ trail, instead of nice narrow track.  At the intersection of Blue Buck trail, what was once sweet, narrow singletrack, had also been visited by quads.  After about 5 miles, we came to a big intersection with roads.  Surprisingly after this, the quads went another way.  And once we left the burn, we had some fun, narrow singletrack.  Not sure if I would do this ride again.  Too much road, quad track, burn area, etc. from what was once an awesome singletrack downhill.  15.5 miles with shuttle.

Don rides through the burn


River crossing

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