August 26, Guye Peak Circumnavigation

With my niece, Madeline, home from college, there had been talk of getting out and hiking Mailbox Peak.  Since Francine and I have done no hiking this summer, we were pretty scared of the 4,000 feet of elevation gain on Mailbox.  Not so much scared of Mailbox, but of what our legs would feel like for the following week.  Luckily, we were able to convince my sister that a circumnavigation of Guye Peak would be a nice alternative.   Turned out to be a great hike, with most of the flowers in bloom, and the surrounding mountains in full glory.  The ascent up from Alpental was in great shape.  The descent, down into the Commonwealth valley looked to have received very little traffic this year.  We had a few fallen trees to negotiate as we wound down, but we made it out alive.

Francine and Kris climb up, with Alpental valley below.

Jim and Maddie

Lunchbreak at Guye/Snoqualmie saddle.

Dropping into Commonwealth Valley


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