August 29, Zappa Trails (Lost Lake)

The real reason we didn't want to hike Mailbox Peak last Friday, was because we had a 4 day trip to Whistler planned.  We are still feeling our quads from the straight up and straight down hike going around Guye Peak.  Got a great rate on a 2-bedroom at the Gables.  We've stayed at this complex, located directly between Blackcomb & Whistler.  It's an older complex, which means the rooms and living space are big.  We should have invited someone to join us.
No stairs, so we roll out the unit to start our ride.  Rolled around Blackcomb base before heading out to Lost Lake Trails.  They have some fun singletrack named after Frank Zappa's songs.  We climbed Peaches en Regalia, Dinah Moe Humm, Disco Boy, The Torture Never Stops, Fountain of Love, started a general descent on Pinocchio's Furniture, Dwarf Nebula, Zoot Allure, Toads of the Short Forest, Gee I like Your Pants, Son of Mr Green Genes, to Jellyroll Gum Drop.  At the bottom, we rolled to the Float Plane dock at Green Lake to eat some bars.

Back to the Trail system to head up Hooktender and Tommy Moore.  Went left on Central Schnitzer?? to Comfortably Numb, Packard Goose, I'm not Satisfied, Why Johnny Can't read and Grand Wazoo to the bottom at Lost Lake.  This last set of trails were completed in 2009, and were in excellent shape.  Perfect difficulty for us, and a great option off the "crushed gravel" trails like Hooktender and Tommy Moore.  They have done tons of trail work out here.  Then headed back on the valley trail to the unit for some lunch.  11 miles.

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