August 28, Squamish

Brave cougars have been prowling Squamish.  They should run from humans on the trails, but have been hanging around too long and not running away.  Trails in our usual loop off Perth Drive to Alice Lake Provincial Park are closed:  Jacks, Mikes Loop, Credit Line (new to us) and Wonderland (new to us).  So we headed slightly east to a new area to try a brand new trail, Half Nelson.  We rarely ride on busy weekends, so with Cougar warnings, it was nice to see tons of bikers out and about, with all the parking lots full as we biked up the road to the top of Half Nelson. Half Nelson is a machine built downhill, bmx style, with bermed tight corners and all rollable features.  Since we don't jump, this meant breaking hard before each jump.  Not my first choice for a trail, so next time, we would head down Recycle, which branches "right" at the top of Half Nelson.  After finishing Half Nelson, we climbed back up the the road. Francine descended Psuedo-Tuga (blue) and took that to the bottom thru P-T3.  Kevin wanted a harder trail, and descended Home Brew (black) & Low Down (double black), and climbed back up the road to meet Francine to descend P-T3.  10 miles.

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