Sept 21, Squamish - Crumpit Woods area

We are on our way to Whistler for a week.  Thank you to Pat & Larry for the use of their "points" for a week at The Snowbird condo at Whistler.  We  picked up a 4 bedroom for the week.

Squamish is a big town about 1 hour before Whistler.  We spent 3 days riding here in July,  but missed the Crumpit Woods area.  We decided to explore Crumpit Woods on out way to Whistler.  11.6 mile day with some interesting route-finding.

One of the F...side trails.

Climbed "Endo" which popped us out on a boardwalk area to "S&M connector" to "Frthr-side" to "Fartherside" to an accidental descent down "Farside".  Climbed back up "Farside" to "5 point Hill".  We were expecting a connector trail to the Lost Loop area.  So we went exploring out a barely used trail, bushwacking our way to the gravel pit, where the trail basically disappeared in the slide alder.  We ended up bushwacking/dragging our bikes down a hillside to a road in the gravel pit.  We rode around looking for where we thought the connector trail might be.  We never found it, as it seems the connector had been abandonded for a while.  so, we started descending an unused road, passing a sign that read "Private Property.  Gravel pit road is alarmed. RCMP (cops) will be called."  We descended more, until Francine finally got Kevin to turn around and retrace our steps.

Once we made it back to the "5 point Hill trail", we climbed to the top and descended.  Next, we flew down "Fartherside" and descended more on "Frthr-side" to "S&M Connector".  Here we ran into a friendly girl out for a ride with her dog.  She was basically going our way, so she told us where to go at the intersections, which was real nice, because we didn't have to keep pulling out our map.  Here, we went right on "Sweeter the Berry".  Climbed and descended "Spencer's Big Gay Ride".  Went left on "Three Virgins" and left on "The Graduate" to the boardwalk area and back to the car.

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