Sept 23 - Pemberton - One Mile Lake area

Francine rides Lumpy's Epic in Pemberton BC

Last night we had some rain, so we thought we should head to Pemberton.  When we checked the online weather forecast at 7:30am, they were already at 53, while Whistler was only 46.  Also, Whistler was expecting rain at noon, while Pemberton, at a lower elevation, was predicting showers at noon, with rain at 1pm.  So, we hustled to get out the door.

 We parked at the One Mile Lake trailhead.  We rode out the lake trail to a right hand turn toward the direction of Lumpy's trail on the "Sea to Sky Trail".  Went left on "Overland Trail" to "Overhill-K2 Trail".  We continued the steep climb on "Newsflash" to a right turn on "Break-Away".  We took this to the intersection of K2 and Pioneer.  "Pioneer" was our intended descent, but after a couple of steep switchbacks, we realized that Francine would be walking too much, so we turned around and retraced our steps.  At the top of Pioneer, we went back to the intersection of  Newsflash and Break-Away, where we went straight on Break-Away.  We started feeling a few sprinkles, but the sunshine kept trying to shine through.  This trail descended to Lumpy's Epic, where we went left, and descended to the river.  Went left on the Horse Trail, and made our way back to  One Mile Lake .  Sprinkles started to get more persistent.  Short, 6 mile day, but some sturdy climbing to keep our legs tired.

We went into town for lunch and powered up with some good burgers at the Pony.  On our way home, we pulled into Nairn Falls Provincial park, and hiked the 1.5 km (.9 mile) trail to the falls.  So, we added almost a 2
mile hike to our day.

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