Sept. 22 - Whistler

We have lots of space in our nice 4 bedroom condo on 4 levels.  There are lots of stairs.  I'm sure our legs will be feeling it by the end of the week.

The Snowbird condos are higher up on the hill, so when we left the condo for the day, we climbed up.  We didn't really have a plan but ended up climbing up some steep fireroads, and made it to the top of "Golden Boner".  Now, we know that Francine has a hard time with Black Diamond rated trails in Whistler, but we thought we would try Golden Boner.  Unfortunately, Francine walked down most of it.  It was a relief when the trail ended and we went left on "Roam in the Loam", which is a Blue Square rated trail.  Then we descended to the base of Blackcomb, on a trail under the Magic Chair.

Francine actually on her bike on "Golden Boner"

Kevin on rock move on Golden Boner

We made our way to Whistler Village where we stopped for a snack to regroup.  Our next plan was to find an easier trail for Francine.  We heard that they had done some work on the "Blueberry Hill" trail, so we made our way there on the Valley Trail.  After that we made our way to the "Emerald Forest" area, where we rode most of the trails.  Then, we took the Valley Trail (paved) back to the condo.

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