Day 13, or Day 1, January 1, 2015, Happy New Year

Seth , always eager for more, wanted an early start to maximize family time in the afternoon.   We met at the bridge at 7:30.   As I was sticking skins on my skis, Dan Larsen came walking across the parking lot.   He had sent Tom D a text, but with no Tom in sight we headed over to Sessel chair to start our groomed approach.   Tom came running up the hill, just as we reached Sessel.   Evidently he had managed to get ready in about 5 minutes.   We headed up and out to the back bowls.   Tom , busted a lung, and kept up with Seth for a couple of laps.   Dan and I, moving at a little more sedate pace, finally caught up with them as they toured up from a their second run, our first.   Did I say this was day 13 for me.   Not bad for a supposedly no snow start.  We grouped up, and went over to Piss Pass.   The backside of which looked quite wind blown with perhaps four tracks.  We decided to stay in Martin Bowl and weaved our way down through the large boulders.  Excellent snow, and a little more sporty than our runs above Knoll One.   We stopped before Trash can, and Seth led back up and out to Widowmaker.   On the way I took a quick detour and had Dan shoot some video.   By then Seth and Tom were cruising home.   Dan and I poked our way down knoll 0, to left of snake dance and found some more good snow.   Coming back out to Sessel we were astounded by the humanity that was attacking the lower hill with sleds, snowshoes, and touring gear.   A world way from our travels in the back bowls, where in the last two days we have only seen our tracks.   Bring on the New Year.   I am liking it!

Pics to come


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tomd said...

Seth , You are the fabulous "Trailbreaker "!!
Kevin, you gave me caffeine legs on the third lap, thanks you Sir.
Dan, videoghrapher extroidinere !