January 6, Alpental

Well, we survived the monsoon.   House is still standing.   Hooked up with Don Hecker to assess the damage over at Alpental.   I have to say the slopes actually looked pretty good.  I think more damage was done at central and west.   We skinned up Sessel to Debbie's Gold.   We started up chair 2, but after the first pitch decided to call it a day.   Due to a temperature inversion the snow up higher was extremely soft with about a 6" ski penetration.   We decided to turn around and enjoy the firmer lower slopes.   Debbie's gold actually skied very well down the gut.   Hopefully we will get some cooler temperatures to lock in what is left of the snowpack.  Over at Summit West they were unable to start grooming out the water damage due to the snowpack still being too soft.

Don skins up next to some rain damge on Sessel

Warm up top 


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