April 1, Mt. Snoqualmie - Slot - Phantom

Seth, at the top of the Slot Couloir

Got out of bed for an early start with Seth.  Seth said he was glad that I showed up at 6:30.  Since it was April 1, he was a little concerned about it being an April Fools prank.  I told him it would have been a much earlier start, if I wasn't planning on showing up!   Seth (the Trakmaster 1000)  laid in a sweet skin track up the edge of the Phantom slidepath.  All tracks from the previous week had been erased by fresh snow and a bit of wind action.   We made good time up to the Slot entrance.  The slot couloir looked pretty blown out, but we were hopeful further down conditions would improve.  Unfortunately it remained pretty firm all the way down, with a 4" slab layer that occasionally cut loose.  It was a lot of firm turns.  Always interesting, just not the best ski.  The front side, more than made up for the slot.  We enjoyed fluffy turns all the way down to the waterfall, which was easily negotiated with our huge snowpack.  Nice day - a little under four hours for the tour.  Still had time for lift served at Alpy!


Frontside freshies

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