April 28, Fruita - 18 Road Trails

Francine and Bill reserved demo bikes the night before from the manufacturers tents at the Fat Tire Festival.  Renee and Kevin had to fend for themselves Saturday morning, and the lines were long to demo bikes.  Can't believe all 4 of us walked away with a demo bike. 

Went to the 18 Road Trails, to a packed trailhead.  Because we decided to try the less used trails, we hardly saw anyone on the trails.  Went out Vegetarian to East Uppity (new) to Edge Cutoff to loop back on Corral trail.  Once finished with the little loop, we climbed Chutes & Ladders to another new trail, PBR.  Went down PBR and made our way to the parking lot, as Bill was supposed to return his bike around 12:30pm, and it was 1:30pm.  We could have ridden another loop, because no one returned their demo bikes until the end of the day.

Oh well.  Went to Hot Tomato Cafe for pizza and beer.

Again, no mileage computers, so we think we rode about 8-10 miles.

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