April 23, Moab - Brand Trails

Moab has been adding single-track mountain biking since the last time we were there about 10 years ago.  Just last November and this April, they added new bike specific trails.  Had to get up early since temps were going to reach 94 degrees today.
Deadman's Ridge Trail

Kevin on Circle O trail

Kevin wanted slickrock trails.  Rockin-A was all slickrock, but bumpier than he wanted, even with our full suspension bikes.  Circle O was also more bumpy slickrock.  We were quite happy to hit dirt to finish the day.

Rode the new North 40 loop.  Then EZ to Deadman's Ridge to Longbranch to climb Bar B Singletrack to Rockin-A to Circle O and finished up on North 40.  17 miles and over 90 degrees at the car.

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