April 29, Fruita - Zion Curtain

Strangely, the city of Fruita wants their streets back at noon on Sunday, so all the bike vendors have to pack up.  This means no demo bikes on Sunday.  Kind of wierd, as that makes the festival end on Saturday night, instead of Sunday.  Think of all the business the restaurants could do if we all had to go back into town to return our demo bikes.  Guess it has always been this way.

Since Bill and Renee had to ride their own hardtails today, we opted to try a trail we haven't ridden, Zion Curtain, as opposed to riding in Grand Junction at Lunch Loops, which is definitely more rocky.

15 mile loop with a bit of climbing and fun flowy and swoopy singletrack.  This ride had more elevation change than most of the Fruita rides.

Francine and Renee

Kevin and Francine

Bill and Renee wonder what happened to those cushy bikes
 they demoed the first two days.

Francine, hmmm, looks steep

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