April 1, North Slope of Chair Peak

Touring was on the brain, but no plans.  After yesterday's bike ride I was lacking a little motivation.  Luckily as I was sitting on the upstairs throne contemplating life, the phone rang.  "Crispin, what's up?"  Crispin said he was at exit 47, did I want to tour?   Well a little more notice would have been nice, but I quickly threw my gear together and met up with Crispin at Alpental's lot 4.  Two hours later we were straddling the ridgeline leading up to the NE buttress of Chair Peak.  Nice.  Dropped down to the cliffs that tower over Snow Lake, then skinned over to the entrance of the Snow Lake couloir.  Turns here were a little messy, but made for a great loop down to Snow Lake.  Climbed to Snow Lake Divide then cruised back down to Source Lake and the parking lot.  South slopes were pretty sticky by then.  Great day.

Crispin and Geeb, Pineapple Basin in background

Ridgeline leading up to NE buttress of Chair Peak


very nice.

Crispin and Geeb,   Mt. Roosevelt to the right

Snow Lake Couloir

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