April 12, Corner Canyon Trails, SLC, Draper Utah

This was our second time at Corner Canyon and there has been a lot of trail work, since our last visit.  We pulled into the fairly full parking lot at the trailhead, next to the equestrian facility.  It being a sunny Saturday, the trails were full of friendly mountain bikers, even with our 3pm start time.  We climbed Lower Corner Canyon Trail, to Canyon Hollow Trail, to Brock's Point Trail, to the top of the Rush flow trail.  3.75 miles.  Debated on going down Rush directional flow trail with everyone else, but ended up heading down Ann's to the potato hill trail  and Creek view trail.  Total ride a nice easy 9 miles

Francine on flat spot on the climb on Canyon Hollow Trail

  Ann's trail with the Wasatch mountains in the background.

View across the valley of new, one-way downhill flow trail, Rush Trail.
 (you can see two riders in the picture)

Francine descending on new section of Creek View Trail
 Real fun ride.  We rode here a couple of years ago, and they have really worked on their network of trails.  Having a couple of trails one-way, downhill, really limits the interaction between uphill and downhill riders.  One-way trails really seem to work well at busy trail areas.  It is nice to be able to go fast and not have to worry about uphill traffic..  We couldn't tell for sure, but it seemed that we were being discouraged from descending on Potato Hill trail, as we were told we would meet a lot of uphill traffic.  I think the SLC mountain bikers are embracing a "preferred" direction on their trails.  Saw way fewer hikers than a couple of years ago, as this is turning into a busy mountain biking area.  Definitely worth a stop if you are headed to Moab or Fruita.  We spent the night at Marriot Springhill Suites in Draper, about ten minutes from the trailhead.  AAA rate of 80 bucks for a nice updated room.  Watching the rain from our hotel window.  Hopefully it is the only wet day of our trip.

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