April 22, Grand Junction - Lunch Loops area

Francine on Leftover Lane

Francine cruising on smooth Holey-Bucket trail

Don & Val left for Seattle this morning, sometime around 4 am?  They were so quiet, we didn't hear them leave.
Today was supposed to be 82 degrees, with a severe windstorm arriving around 1pm, accompanied by  45-50 mph winds, lasting until 11pm.  Since our early risers had departed, we got started about 10:30am.  The wind was starting to pick up.  I think it was blowing around 20 mph when we started, but we seemed to be fairly protected during our ride.

Climbed Curt's Lane to Leftover Lane where we went left on the Miramonte Rim Trail.  Headed down and left on the end of the Holy Cross trail to Holey Bucket.  Retraced our steps yesterday on Holey Bucket to Clunker.  Continued on Clunker until it hit Holy Cross.  Went right and climbed up on the rim.  Went left on Coyote Ridge to Raven Ridge to High Noon to Pet-E-Ekes.  Here we split up.
The wind was really beginning to blow, so Francine opted for a trail she knew, Pet-E-Ekes, while Kevin wanted to try a trail new to us, Eagle's Tail, for his final descent.  When we hooked back up, we added on a final loop on Kid's Meal.  10.4 miles.

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