April 21, Grand Junction - Lunch Loops

Kevin on Gunny Loop

Today was supposed to be our warmest day at 78 degrees, so we told Don and Val (early risers & starters) that we would get up early to start our ride.   We like to sleep in.  So instead of starting at the crack of 11, we started around 8am.

We  rode out the Tabeguache Trail to Pet-E-Kes to Holy Cross up PreNup to Little Park road.  Climbed the Gunnector to the top of the Gunny Loop.  Here the trail got smoother and less rocky as we headed on the fun downhill.  Near the end of the Gunny Loop, we went left on Holey Bucket, right on the bottom of Holy Cross.  Went left onto Ali-Alley to Curt's Lane to Leftover Lane to Yes N DeeDee to "Hop, skip, and a Jump" back to the car.

These trails are a little more technical than the Kokepelli trails, and definitely more-so than the smooth 18 Road trails,  and we skipped the double diamond trails. Great day.  13.5 miles.

Francine climbing on Pete-E-Kes

Val on Pete-E-Kes climb



Don near the end of Gunny Loop

Kevin taking a different descent than the rest of the gang on Bentonite Hill

Bentonite Hill dropping into oblivion

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