Sept 8, Duthie

Went to ride Duthie mountain bike park with my nephew Jack.  I don't think I have posted any ride reports from Duthie.   However it has been a staple for a good ride option.  We started riding at Duthie soon after the "boot camp" trail was roughed in.  We have watched as it has evolved into a great mountain bike "park".  Built almost entirely with volunteer labor, it provides trails to meet all ability levels.  It has a good selection of crosscountry - keep your tires on the ground- trails, but also provides for those that like to experience flying, as it offers several jump lines.  It is amazing how well these trails have held up.  The parking lot is definitely full every weekend, and most weekdays as well. 

Jack works his way through the progression of jumps, getting his skills ready for some of the more difficult trails.

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