Sept 24 Mt. Rose to Lake Tahoe

Hmmmm, add it to the list.  Tahoe is pretty sweet and and deserves it's spot on your bucket list.  It's been on our list for years, but somehow we never managed to motivate for the 14 hour drive.  Well after tasting the singletrack, I have to say it is well worth it.  Perhaps, I am a little jaded, due to the fact, that 3 of the 4 rides we used car shuttles to increase the downhill quotient.

Francine and Lisa ride the Tahoe Rim Trail


Started the Tahoe Rim Trail (bikes on even days only) up the Mt. Rose Highway, at 8,550ft at Tahoe Meadows trailhead.  Rode "Tahoe Rim Trail" to "Hobart Road", around Marlette Lake to "The Flume Trail" to "Tunnel Creek Road-Ponderosa Ranch".  Yes, we finished right next to the stage set for the Bonanza TV show.  Except for a 200 ft and 800 ft climb, we rode downhill to the lake, elev 7,723ft.  25 miles and a net loss of 1,680 ft.

The 8 mile Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) section starting at the Mt. Rose highway was gorgeous.  Granite rocks lined the crushed granite trail with huge trees everywhere.  The weather was perfect with partly cloudy skies and a slight breeze.  We had amazing views of Lake Tahoe constantly.   The "flume trail" is perhaps the most well known trail at Tahoe.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in that actual section.  It has gorgeous views of the lake, but the grade is fairly flat for about 3 miles.  It did redeem itself when the trail turned into jeep road and headed quickly to the lake.  It was high speed to the finish!


Marlette Lake then Lake Tahoe

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