September 22, Susanville, CA Ranch Bike Park

We originally planned a mountain bike trip to Oakridge, Oregon, but Lisa Delfiner (Parsons) emailed and was heading to rent her rental units in South Lake Tahoe.  She had 2 units open, a place for us to stay, and was looking for bike companions.  Her dates matched with Kevin's scheduled week off, so we immediately changed plans.  Lake Tahoe has been on our bucket list for some time, but we haven't made it there.

We didn't want to do a 14 hour drive in one day, so Francine looked for places to mountain bike on the way down.  In 2008, Susanville built 14 miles of machine built mountain bike trails.  We drove for 11 hours and made it to Susanville by 7:30pm.  We stayed at the River Inn Motel for a scary $59.40, including tax.  Unit was old, but clean.  I would only recommend one night.

Rode 15 tough miles at Susanville Ranch Park.  Parked at the lower parking lot, made our way up "Heart Attack Hill", to the west side on "Hi Go" to "Round UP Loop".  Back over "Lo Go" to the trails on the West side.  After much up and down, we finally started downhill at 11.32 miles for an all out downhill finish back down "Heart Attack Hill" to the car.  We figured we climbed about 2,000 feet.  They had signs at all the intersections, which was nice, as we forgot our map at home.

Got in the car and drove to South Lake Tahoe.

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