September 26, Armstrong Pass to South Lake Tahoe

Final day of riding.    Drove up to the top of Oneidas road, paved, for another point to point ride.  Climbed 4 miles on sweet, mountain biker designed single track to Armstrong Pass.  Ron, a friend of Lisa's, works for the forest service and designed these fun, swoopy, trails.   The grade was amazing.  Everytime we came upon a rise, we would look up the hill to where we thought the trail would climb, Washington style, and the trail wasn't there. Had to look lower to find the nicely climbing trail.  Again, the scenery was amazing with the granite boulders and trees.  The last mile was quite a grunt.  The sign at the start of the trail said 3 miles to the pass; it was actually 4.  At the pass, you could turn right to head to Big Meadow on Hwy89 or left to climb to Freel Peak.  We turned around for a screaming, fun, descent.  8 miles and we were still at the car.  Descended down "Armstrong Connector" for 2 miles.  This is one sweet section of trail.  Great rock sections.  This dropped us out at  the  "Corral" trail, where we rode our first day in South Lake Tahoe.  Descended Corral to Powerline trail and worked our way home for a 22 mile ride to finish the week.
Packed up and  hit the road.  Drove 4 hours to Alturas.  Had some great pizza at Antonios, and stayed in another cheap hotel recommended by the restaurant, Rim Rock Motel.  Spotless clean, but older.  $59.40 per night.  This is a record on motel prices for us.  10 more hours and we were home the next day.  Nice week!

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