September 25, Kingsbury Grade to Spooner Summit

Francine - Tahoe Rim Trail - Near Kingsbury Grade

Another point-to-point shuttle.  Stats are great on this ride.  Start at 7,800 ft, climb to 8,800 ft and descent to 7,000 feet.  13 miles.

Trail conditions were even better to start the day, as it had rained overnight.  Started climbing right away, with granite boulders and huge trees everywhere.  Tahoe has some amazing landscape that we get to ride our bikes thru.

This was supposed to be our easy, off day.  We thought there was only 1,000 feet of climbing, but the book said 1,900 feet.  We were really feeling our legs, especially at this altitude, and our 4th day of riding.
The wind picked up in Tahoe today, so was quite windy at the "Bench" at the halfway point.
The downhill conditions were stellar.  Thanks to last night's moisture, the descent was screaming fast and smooth.  Seems like most of the trails in Washington are hammered or technical, so not very many screaming fast descents.  Yet another sweet ride.  We did this as a point to point, but if you had only one car I would recommend an out and back from Kingsbury Grade to the bench at the highpoint.  The scenery on the Kingbury Grade side was stellar and I would have loved to ride back down the technical rock sections.

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