Sept. 10, Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast BC

Today we rode out the Powerlines, up Black Tower to Patrick’s Pass to Lost’n’Found to continue climbing up Pumpkin Patch, which was on the edge of a clear cut.  Went left on a dirt road to the main B&K logging road.  Climbed about ¼ mile and went left at the next road intersection for another ¼ mile to find Dude’s Bypass on the left.  Contoured here, and took the third left down on Grant’s Grind.  This dropped us out on a doubletrack dirt road where we went right and right again at the next intersection.  We  climbed the double track which turned into singletrack near a clearcut.  Hit another doubletrack, went left and right again, still climbing.  Saw a faint trail on the left and took that.  Hit an intersection, went right and started heading straight up.  Continued up and up, with much hike-a-biking until we hit a road. 
We were confused as this trail did not seem to be on the map, but we found our location by turning right on this road to the next intersection, where we found the start of Hwy 103 trail.  We were fairly pooped, and thought we just climbed Suzies Q, but it wasn’t on the correct place on the map.  So, we bombed down the mystery trail we just climbed.  Went right at the intersection we were at earlier and contoured over to the bottom of Guy’s Gulch trail at a 4 way.  Save that one for another day.  Went straight onto Up’n’Over and down to JB Connector.  Climbed this to the doubletrack and went left at the next intersection to climb to the Mach Chicken Downhill.  Descended and crossed a road and continued our descent onto Sleepy Hollow.  Crossed another road and rode out Rod’s Rocky Road to the Circle Loop.  Circle Loop had been clearcut, so rode around the circle down to the powerline road.  Went left to the car.

Francine added on about 1.5 miles, by continuing out the powerlines about ½ a mile to take a right onto Black Tower.  This trail dropped down to Malcom Creek Road which crossed the highway 101.  Descended on gravel road to a “T” and went right.  At the end of the street was a trail that cut thru the woods “Roberts Creek S??? District public way trail that dropped out on Robinson and a left onto a street just opposite from our treet, Stephens.  Sweet descent to the house.  14 miles.

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