Sept 7, Sunshine Coast - Halfmoon Bay

Ferry boat ride to the Sunshine Coast, B.C.
We checked into Nestledown B&B for a 2 night stay in the Halfmoon Bay area.  We think the Sunshine Coast is to Vancouver, like the San Juans are to Seattle.  Only a 45 minute ferry ride from Vancouver gets you to the Sunshine Coast.  Rushed out to ride, at 4pm. 
Rode up Litttle Knives trail in Halfmoon Bay
Rolled down the Lower Road to Sargeant Bay Provincial Park to start our ride.  Headed up Roller Coaster and up Little Knives to the Highway (101).  We rode on gorgeous, moss and pine needle covered trails.  Signage was also nice.  Crossed the highway to Trout Lake.  Then headed on Lumpy, back to the Highway.  Headed up June and up Missing Link, Wally and Fork Off, still climbing up to Woodpecker Ridge.  Finally, after about 7 miles, we started heading downhill. 
Lots of moss and pine needles.

Hit Datsun Alley to Pterodactyl.  Took a new trail off of Pterodactyl, called Toe.  This took us down, bordering private houses, and well below where we needed to be.  The next trail was called Tac, and we started climbing again.  We were ready to be done, as we needed to eat dinner.  We assumed we still needed to ride Tic, and were still climbing.  After Tic, we kept climbing on Out & In.  Hit Sprockids Run to the school, which finally stopped climbing.  From here it was a long downhill on pavement to the B&B.  Had we known the local trails a little better, and had a better map (which we purchased later), we could have stayed on trails longer.  12.4 miles.

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