Sept. 11, Sprockids Mountain Bike Park, Gibsons, BC

5 Way - Heading out Hwy 101 trail to Hwy 102 trail

 We originally discussed driving to Gibsons (15 minutes?) to park the car at the Langdale Ferry, taking the bus back to the house, and starting a point-to-point ride to the car, utilizing a big climb to Hwy 103 trail to Hwy 102 trail to Sprockids Park descending all the way to the ferry at Langdale.  We quickly lost enthusiasm for organizing the bus thing.  So, we drove to the Sprockids Mountain Bike Park in Gibsons instead. 

Lots of practice riding log bridges

We climbed the doubletrack from the car to the Skills Centre.  Found Rock’n’Root to start climbing on Technical Ecstacy to Sidewinder.  We really enjoyed the buff, pine needled trail conditions on Sidewinder.  They even made the steep grade somewhat tolerable.  At a 5 way, went straight onto Hwy 101 trail to Hwy 102 trail.  Continued our climb on the Hwy 102 trail to its end at the B&K Logging road.  Turned around and bombed back on Hwy 102 trail to the 5 way.  Here, we continued up on Sidewinder Up.  Continued up on Pressure Drop.  Went thru many intersections, staying on Pressure Drop.  The signage in the Park is great, but there wasn’t always a “you are here” marker, so you didn’t always know where you were on the map.  Bypassed “Torrent Trail” as the sign said it was REAL steep.  So was Pressure Drop, which was a painful loss of elevation, straight down the hillside.  Ended up on Upper Flume and Lower Flume.  Right next to Upper flume was a nice looking Flow type trail that we should have taken.  Went by the sign that said “Trial to the Ferry”, so since we didn’t park waaay down there, we went right, and the trail dropped us out right at the car.  Nice way to end the ride.  14 miles.Headed

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