Sept. 12, Roberts Creek Trails, Sunshine Coast BC

Kevin switchbacks down Highway 103

Yesterday we rode the Hwy 102 trail.  Today, we need to ride the Hwy 103 trail.  When we were bombing down the mystery trail two days ago, we ran into a biker.  She told us how she climbs the trails in the area, so we followed her advice.  We parked in the same spot under the powerlines, like two days ago.  We headed out the Powerlines to climb on Black Tower.  Took that all the way to Cunning Stunts.  Climbed to the road and went up DNZ, as it was in the shade compared to the road.  We were climbing a downhill flow trail with jumps, rollers and gaps.  But generally, we could go around the features.  Hit a doubletrack and continued climbing.  Originally, we were going to climb Janet's Jungle, to get up to the Dude's Bypass trail.  Janet's Jungle trail was going straight up hill, so we continued our nice contour on the doubletrack.  After two more intersections, we were at the bottom of Grant's Grind, where we were two days ago.  Continued on the double track to the next right, and climbed the double track that turned to trail in the clearcut.  Hit a double track and went left.  Didn't go right at the next intersection, but went right at the second intersection, which put us at the bottom of Guy's Gulch, where we had been 2 days ago.  We were so beat at this point two days ago.  Our route choice up today was much easier.

Yet, another bridge, this one crossing a big creek.  Hwy 103 Trail.

Headed up Guy's Gulch to the doubletrack, went right, and made our way to the start of Hwy 103 trail.  Continued climbing on the 103 trail to the top.  On the descent we went right on Red Baron Trail, a "blue square" trail.  This basically went straight down the mountain.  Another painful loss of elevation for Francine, who did quite a bit of walking.  Hit the road, went right, and left onto Charlie Brown to Pumpkin Patch to Lost'n'Found to Patrick's Pass to Black Tower.   Once we hit the powerlines, Francine opted to take Black Tower down to the house, like two days ago. 

Tomorrow we pack up and head home.  Oh - tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary.

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