Sept, 8, West Sechelt, Sunshine Coast B.C.

Day two found us with weary legs and some steep climbs.  Last nights ride was a little longer than we planned.  The guy in the bike shop yesterday recommended we start today’s ride from our B&B, but since this ride went higher than last night’s ride, we opted to park the car higher.  The trails around here are quite steep. 

Log bridge practice

Francine riding a wide log bridge

Headed up super steep Duroid Hill Road, hike-a-biking most of the way, about a mile.  Saw a faint doubletrack that was hopefully our trail.  Went left and continued our climb onto Easy Street, right onto Over Easy and started contouring on Desoto.  Went down on Skullduggery to Beaver Pond.  Climbed to Crowston Lake on Parbac to really start climbing on VFR.  This lead to a steep downhill VFR. Rode VFR to the bottom of Addernach to Lees’s Big Easy, the low point of the ride.  Now we started climbing again to get to the car.  Rode 4D to 3D to the PowerLine trail back to the car.  13 miles. 

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