April 10, Sage Hills, Wenatchee

We try to hit Sage Hills early in the season, when the hills are still green.  The entire area is shut down over the winter to protect the mule deer.  We missed the April 1 opening, but the trails were still in stellar condition.  It's hard to believe how green these "brown" hills above Wenatchee become in the spring.  The Balsam root (yellow flower) and Lupine were in full bloom.  We started on fifth avenue, "Lester Trail", at the southwest corner of Wenatchee and worked our way up onto the ridge tops.  We managed to find a couple, new to us, trails.  Always a great ride - Sage Hills 17.5 miles.

Francine climbs on "Homestead Trail". Trail snakes down the hillside

Mule deer check us out.  Lot's of deer.

Francine with the Stuart range in the distance

Headed down on Lightning Creek trail

Full Bloomage!

Classic shot of the gulley crossing on the bottom section of "Lone Fir" trail.

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