April 18, Rosy Boa, Leavenworth, Wa.

Francine - Rosy Boa Trail

Finally made it to the "Ski Hill" in Leavenworth to check out what they have been doing to link the town side of the ridge to the Freund Canyon area.   New trail last year, "For the Boys", contours out of the Ski Hill cross country area up to a nice viewpoint where "Rosy Boa" finishes.   At this junction they have a rising traverse that takes you to the bottom third of the Freund Canyon downhill.   This old road "Freund descent" was put back in service for logging last year, but efforts have been made to decommision the road, add berms, and generally make it more trail like.   From the bottom of the downhill we put it in low gear and started the trudge to the top of Freund.   After a little over a mile the road switched over to narrow, singletrack, albeit steep singletrack, that climbed the shady backside of the ridge.   At the top we headed down upper Freund downhill for about half a mile, which was in great shape.   At the next junction we headed right to Rosy Boa.   Trail drops off edge of road, easy to miss.   Evidently this ridge trail has been around for a while, but has had several new sections benched into the steep hillside.   Francine walked a couple of the steep switchbacks.   Fun to do a new trail, but sure dropped elevation quick.  The Freund Canyon loop has never been a favorite, but looks like the locals are steadily working to make it better.   Really nice to be able to start at the ski hill.   With stronger legs, it would be nice to do a double loop incorporating the whole Freund downhill with Rosy Boa.  11.9 miles.

Rosy Boa

Still on Rosy Boa

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