April 28, Mrazek Trail


We thought we were going to have a small day, but ended being out 7 hours and rode 28 miles.  We started at Shevlin Park and chose to ride the pavement up valley for 2 miles, instead of the trail(easy warm-up).  At the end of the park, we switchbacked our way out of the park up to the flatter middle-ring rip, heading to Happy Valley.  We were hoping to make it to the Farewell Trail, as reports claimed that the snow was gone.  Unfortunately, the trail still needs one more work party to clear out blown over trees.  We came to the first blowdown and kept going.  30 blown over trees, and we were still a 1/2 mile shy of the Farewell trail intersection.  At 14 miles we decided we had hopped over enough trees and made the decision to turn around.  This was an easy decision, since we had no intention of going down  the short and steep Farewell trail.  Mrazek trail was looking far too sweet not to retrace our ascent.   Once we turned around and hopped over trees for a mile we were on a 13 mile rollercoaster back to Shevelin Park.  We typically ride Bend on Father's day.  Here we are two months early and we are seeing less snow than we typically see in June.  Trails are snowfree and dry.   They could be a tad damper, but I can not complain because the trails have pretty much been in perfect condition.  Trail is still firm and traction is great!   The corners and berms were still intact, and weren't soft and blown out.  We had an amazing fast, flowy, incredible descent.

Two Bull Fire, 2014

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