April 30, Tumalo Ridge to Skyliner

Broken Top
Day number Five.   Swung by the bike shop to get a USFS pass to park up Skyliner Rd.  Bike shop dude, who we have probably seen every day, asked if we were taking the day off?  Nope, just getting a later and later start.  Yes, the legs are getting a little tired after over 100 miles of singletrack riding.  Today we parked at the Skyliner Parking area, up skyliner road.  Headed out Tumalo Creek trail for about a mile to the intersection with the Tumalo Ridge Trail.  Started climbing a nice, narrow singletrack.  This eventually dumped us on a double-track climb to the ridge and the junction at the Swede Ridge Shelter.  Reached the shelter at about 5 miles. Nice views of Broken Top Mt. from the shelter(primarily winter cross country shelter).  Headed towards Swampy Shelter.  After a couple of miles, started hopping logs.   After about twenty logs we turned tail and headed downhill.
Francine at Swede Ridge Shelter

Made it back to the Swede Shelter intersection, and headed toward town on Sector 16.  This trail skirts some private property, and swoops and curves thru the trees.  Did we say that the trails are super dry?  There is no snow anywhere, and we were again at the 6000 foot level.  Descended on Upper Whoops.  Long, flowy descent for a couple of miles.  We like that this was more old-school, without all the built up berms and jumps.  Went left onto Skyliner for the ride back to the car.  Trails are in great shape, but are really dry.  Bend really needs some rain.  19 miles.

More singletrack goodness.

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