April 27, Tyler's Traverse, Bend Or.

View of Mt. Bachelor from the bench on Dinah-Moe Humm trail

A low snow year means we can bike higher in April than in a normal year.  We have ridden out this far from town before, with the "Bob campouts" in late June, where we ride from camp, but we wanted more energy to enjoy the trails, so we drove out to the new parking area at the junction of Storm King and Cascade Lakes Highway 46, near intersection 32.  We rode out Storm King to climb Tiddlywinks to Kiwa Butte trail.  Descended Kiwa Butte trail.  At the end, we did an out-and-back on Dinah- Moe Humm trail to the viewpoint with a bench.  After lunch, we turned around and made our way back to Tyler's Traverse.  Descended both the upper and lower sections of Tyler's Traverse. This is a seriously long descent!  Awesome new addition to the Bend trail network.  It was so long had to stop multiple times to rest. At the bottom, we climbed the shady doubletrack uphill route on Tyler's to the Steve Larsen intersection.  We turned right and headed down Steve Larsen to Tiddlywinks to Storm King and back to the car.  Low miles day, considering these are "Bend miles" at 27 miles.  Nice 77 degrees today.  Fun to ride new trails to us.  Really nice loop, except for the climb up tiddlywinks(Funner might have been an easier climb, but was 4 miles longer.)  Both Tylers, and Larsen Traverse were super sweet downhills.  Ahem, can I say that again.   Long, fast, and flowy.

Francine on Tyler's traverse trail


Still going down on Tyler's


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