Hornby Island, BC

 Hornby Island,  from Vancouver Island , took us two ferry rides.  One to Denman Island, and another to Hornby Island,  Even though it was a Friday morning, we made it on to both ferries without waiting for the next boat.   Hornby Island has probably become the most well known mountain bike destination that is "almost" on Vancouver Island.  It comes highly recommended for good views and trails that are "smooth" by Canadian standards.   We found a little of everything.   The legs were a little tired from yesterday, but we still managed to pump out 22 km.

Kevin with the ferry from Denman in the background

Francine on Chris & Brad's

Chris & Brad's Trail

Trails we rode:  Up Middle Bench Trail - Bench Connector - Up Outer Ridge Trail.
Down:  The Way - Four Dead Aliens - Test Tube - Chris & Brad's - No Horses.
Up:  Northwind - Cold Deck - Cliff Trail and Down on Hot Rims.
Up:  Northwind - Cold Deck - Slalom to top of Cliff Trail.
Down:  Outer Ridge Trail - GFT to Bench Connector and back out Middle Bench Trail to car.

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tomd said...

I like the metric system , too . Ferry Boats + MTB's + IPA = Fun !