Nymph Falls/Puntledge/BC Hydro, Courtenay BC

Today was suppose to be an off day.  We looked at our maps and found some trails that were labeled "easy" green circles for smooth and fast riding, with little elevation gain.  We parked at Nymph Falls outside Courtenay.   This is the bottom of the Forbidden Plateau area, and typically a shuttle area.  We were planning to just do the bottom green trails with a possible logging road climb up to an intermediate, blue square trail.

The trails leading out of Nymph Falls were actually pretty fun.  Fairly smooth with no major climbs.  The "Bear Bait Trail"  was well made and had a lot of fun up/downs.   We probably should have stuck with the easy trails, but we decided to climb up the logging road to hook into the only blue trail that drops down from the Forbidden Plateau.   "Transmission" was pretty neat, but Francine ended up walking several sections.  Then to make a loop we crossed over the Comox Lake outflow and took the Bevan trail downriver.  This made for a pretty long loop, especially as we had to climb/walk back up to Nymph Falls.  Overall great day.  Not sure that it was much of a rest day.

Francine does a little walking on Transmission trail

Trails - counter clockwise from Nymph Falls -  Tree Bender,  Cog the logs, Bear Bait,  Boston Main logging road to "Transmission".  Rode that down to "Catnip", we think.  Went right and then down on some unmarked trail "Bics", we think, which dumped us onto an earlier section of Bear Bait.  Retraced our steps on Bear Bait to the dam.  Crossed the dam over Comox Lake and hit Bevan Trail to its end,   BC Hydro right of way to Duncan Bay Main road, crossed river and headed up Twister trail( lot of logs and walked a bit, probably not an "up" trail.

20 Kilometers.  13.5 miles.

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