Cumberland BC - second time

We still had many more trails to ride in Cumberland.  Today is our last day on Vancouver Island.  Tuesday will be spent driving, riding a ferry, and driving home to the Pass.

Kevin chills out at top of small climb on Missing Link

2 & A Juice, Missing Link (nice bench at a lookout), up road past Cumberland Reservoir, to hike-a-bike up Miner's trail to the a lake and the start of Bucket of Blood.  We should have continued up the road a bit to another doubletrack climb that switchbacked more (instead of going straight up) to the top of Bucket of Blood.  Rode this to newly worked Bear Buns to Sykes Bridge.  We were here a few days ago.

Cross bridge and up shaded double track on the right to climb on Climax Trail to the Trent Main logging road.  Left at the first intersection up the road to the start of Trent Canyon Trail.  Took that fun trail all the way to the end at the road.  Lost some downhill on the road to a left.  Took a right on a double track that hooked us into the middle of Blue Collar.  Rode that romping descent to the intersection with Short Line and went left and climbed to the intersection of Teapot.  Bombed down that to That Dam Trail to the Allen Lake Reservoir.  Circled around on some unmarked trails in a clear-cut; Sunset Strip to Shaker to Entrails and the intersection of Rugburn, where we ran into a local, Scott.  He offered to let us follow him back to town on single track trails.  So, we retraced our steps on Entrails, Shaker and  Sunset Strip to hit Short and Curly, which was in the trees, not clearcut yet.  Rode recently reopened Spanker thru the clearcut.  Onto a trail that Scott built, which was more flowy, with wider banked corners to Spanker and another fun descent on Space Nugget.

Great day.  27.3 kilometers.  Was sure nice not to have to pull out a map on the last 5 kilometers following Scott.  Unfortunately, this area is ripe for planned logging.  We saw the boundary flags all over the new Climax and Trent Canyon trails.

Kevin on technical section on Bear Buns

Lumpy section on Bear Buns

Francine on Sykes Bridge

Ramp on Trent River Canyon

Steep section on Trent River Canyon

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