Cumberland, BC. Vancouver Island

Francine gets going downhill on "switchback" trail
We arrived in Cumberland a little too early for the bike shop to be open.  We pulled into town about 9:15am.   The town is very cute and has several coffee shops and a Brewery,  with a pizza place next door.   We pulled into the "trailhead" parking lot at the top of main street.   As we were getting ready, we got some trail info and a well used map from a young couple that had just moved from Kelowna to the island a month ago.  They got us started on the logging road climb, then started to pull away into the distance.  Thankfully, Gary came riding along, and we hooked up for a slightly more moderate pace, as he led us higher and higher, to the top of the "switchback" trail.  Lucky for us, Gary was riding at a rest pace, since he did a 100k road ride yesterday.  It also might have helped that he was on day 5 of riding, and had heart surgery three weeks ago.   Typical Canadian rider - overly fit.   Anyhow, at the top, Francine asked how tough the black diamond trail would be.  Gary thought Francine would be fine since she appeared to ride the road so well.  Needless to say the trail started out steep and rough.    Brain check.  Yes, we are in Canada, where we typically are smart enough to stay away from black diamond trails.   Blue is our favorite color in Canada.

Lot's of wood in Cumberland

Trail ducks through stump

More wood

Bit of clear-cutting going on in the woods
Overall turned out to be a great ride.  Really nice to get led up the maze of logging roads by a local.  The black diamond trails were totally rideable for me, and Francine only had to walk certain sections.   We ended up with 14.6 miles of riding, with overall elevation gain of 2,500 feet.  Beer and Pizza at Cumberland Brewery after picking up some more ride info at the bike shop.

Trails for the day, from the top:  Switchback, Upper Potluck(lighthouse), Potluck, Upper and Lower Thirsty Beaver, Blue Collar, Railroad, Crafty Butcher, Black Hole, Space Nugget, Big Log

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