Snowden Forest - Campbell River, BC

Drove about 25 miles north of our house to the town of Campbell River.  We had come crappy maps, that caused us to get a little confused finding our  parking area.  After we made it to the Lost Lake parking area, we found a well marked trail system with lots of cross country riding.   Not a "freeride" destination but we enjoyed the cross country style trails that included several good downhills.  Francine had a loop she found on the internet and it made for a great ride.

Francine coming down Wiley's Woods

Route:  Lost Lake parking area, Trimac, Riley Lake, Gun Barrel, Access up to Wileys Woods, Enchanted Forest, Lookout loop(clockwise), 11th Lick, Frog Legs, Lower Lost Frog, Upper Lost Frog, Red Devil, Ham Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Mudhoney Pass, Lost Lake Loop, to car.
14.2 miles

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