April 14, 2016 - Klonzo Trails, Moab Utah

Tom on Carousel Trail
We made the easy 4.5 hour drive from Eden Utah to Moab.  Since we couldn't check into our house until 3pm, we squeaked in a ride at the Klonzo Trails.  We have not ridden there, as it is one of the new singletrack mountain bike trail systems that Moab has been steadily building.


Francine & Lori on Carousel trail

Rode Hotdog to Carousel, where we went around the Carousel loop, taking the inner spokes of Wizard, Magician and Gypsy.  Tom, Kevin and Francine climbed up Midway to the top of Roller Coaster and met Lori, who continued on another loop on Carousel.

After that, Tom and Lori headed back to the car retracing our steps on Hotdog.  Francine and Kevin headed out on Houdini.  By the time they got to the top of that and headed down Red Hot, the wind really started to pick up.  At the intersection of Redhot and Hotdog, we avoided the blowing wind on the back side of the ridge and headed down Hotdog to the car.  Easy 9 mile day.  We only rode the trails on the south side of the road.  Would not recommend.  Better trails to do, maybe the North side?

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