April 16, 2016 - Navaho Rocks Moab

Don and Francine on Rocky Tops trail

Where to ride when it is blowing 25-35 miles an hour with 45 mile an hour gusts?  We spoke to a couple of bike shops, and didn't really get a consensus.  So, we continued on with our plan for Navaho Rocks, a new singletrack area for us.  Tom and Lori went on their own to Arches National Park, with Free Entry fee for the week.

Val and Don

Francine and  Kevin  

We didn't know the "recommended route",  so Kevin talked to some guys in the parking lot  (we parked in the lower lot).  So, we crossed the road and headed up "Rocky Tops trail" to the mid parking lot.  Then headed up Big Mesa Trail for an out an back.  After some discussion about taking the road back to the Ramblin Trail, we retraced our steps back on Big Mesa Trail, which was a fun trail in reverse.  Finished the day on Ramblin to the parking lot.  Great loop, too bad it was so windy.  The extension going out Big Mesa was really a grunt, but fun coming back.  16 miles


Val heading home on Rambling.  The wind is really howling out in the open.

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