April 19, 2016, Bull Run to Getaway, Moab

Don on Getaway

Tom and Lori packed up this morning and headed home.  We're down to 4.
Temps are sure cold.  Only supposed to be 53 today.  The four of us, Don/Val and Francine/Kevin, made our way to the Magnificent 7 Trailhead at the top of Gemini Bridges Road.  Today's ride is a reverse, where we start at the top, and finish with a climb on Getaway Trail.  We started down on Getaway trail to Bull Run to it's end.  Bull Run is a Blue-Black rated trail, which means all the rocky drops and climbs are easily ridable by Francine and Val.  For rocky Moab, this was a nice downhill.  Then we made a wonderful climb on Getaway, that was rated Blue, and had flowy ups and downs as it climbed back to the car.  Great fun Loop.  16 miles

Val on Bull Run

Francine on Bull Run

Kevin on Bull Run.  La Sal Mountains in background kept getting snow while we were there.

Couples shot on Bull Run

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