April 22, Boise - Camel's Back Trails

Francine ripping down on Sidewinder trail, Boise, Utah
 We spent last night at our normal Boise stop, Comfort Suites Boise Airport hotel.  This place is always clean and quiet.  We stopped by the bike shop for the new Ridge to Rivers map, and headed out to the Camel's Back trail head at the end of 13th.  Umm - don't these people in Boise work?  The park was packed, and the super wide trails were packed with walkers, joggers and bikers.  What is this place like on the weekends?  Must have to park high to get away from folks.  Can't imagine stopping for all the people one would meet on the trail on the weekend.

Rode out Red Fox Trail (#36) which is basically a road to its end at an upper parking area.  Crossed the road and headed out Lower Hulls Gulch (#29) to Red Cliffs Trail (#39) to Crestline (#28) to Sidewinder (#24) to its end.  Hmph - quite a grunt.  All these trails are super smooth, super wide, and starting to get a little dry.  Hardtail heaven.

We took a break at the top here and enjoyed the view.  We started our descent and retraced our steps on Sidewinder to Crestline and took a right to the Lower Hulls Gulch trailhead.  Sidewinder was a fun, curvy descent.  And Lower Hulls Gulch (#29) was narrower and had a few more rocks thrown in to keep you on your toes.  In no time we were back at the 2nd parking area and finished on Chickadee Ridge (#36A) and back to the car.  11 fun miles.  We were definitely moving a little faster here and yesterday, at Corner Canyon, than the rockier trails in Moab.  After a grumpy start,  we were both smiling at the end, after the fast and flowy downhill.

Made our way to Hyde Park, the cute shopping district a few blocks away for mexican at Parilla Grill.  Then cruised on the highway to Prosser, where we stopped at Horsehaven Saloon for dinner and made it home by 9pm.  Great trip.  Great friends and Great company.
Francine pushes her bike up a steep pitch
as we approach the top of sidewinder.

Fun downhill on Lower Hulls Gulch

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