April 21, 2016 - Corner Caynon, Draper Utah

Francine at Corner Canyon trail system, Draper Utah.

We packed up and left the Desert Blue house we rented in Moab thru VRBO and headed to Draper Utah, just south of SLC to ride in the Corner Canyon area, where we have ridden a couple of times before on our way to/from Moab or Fruita.

The city of Draper is putting a 12inch water pipe down the entire Corner Canyon, so there was restricted access to the up trail Clarks and the downhill Rush trail.  It was amazing how much land they had to disturb to put in the road to the top.

We climbed Lower Corner Canyon Trail to Gasline Trail to Ghost Falls Trail.  We should have taken Rattlers Trail on the left as we were climbing Ghost Falls Trail, as it seemed to be the easier uphill.  We rode Ghost Falls Trail to its top at the parking lot.  Here we headed up half a mile on Jacob's Ladder Trail.  When it hit the jeep road, Francine headed back to the down, while Kevin continued up the jeep road to the top of Jacob's Ladder.  While waiting for Kevin, another nice biker informed Francine that there is a better, easier, road route up to the top of Jacob's ladder from the top of the Rush Trailhead.  We will have to check that out next time.

From here, we descended back down Ghost Falls Trail to Canyon Hollow Trail, and climbed back up that, turning right onto Brock's Point Trail to the top of Rush Trail (also known as the Peak View Trailhead).  Since Rush trail is closed due to the water pipe project, we descended Ann's Trail to Potato Hill Trail to the BST and finished on Creek View Trail to Lower Corner Canyon Trail to the car.  12 fun miles.  The descent kept continuing.

Francine where Jacob's Ladder trail meets jeep road (1/2 mile climb)

Kevin at Rush Trailhead - see fencing for waterpipe project.

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