April 16, Special Ed down and Ridge up - Sedona

Great riding from the condo again.  We crossed Hwy 89 and went to the high school.  Hit a little single track around the west end of the high school.  Went left at the Schurman trail and descended a little.  Went right on Special Ed.  Rolled up and generally down on a narrow, user built, singletrack to Witch Doctor trail, which circumvents Pyramid Mountain.  Went left and descended.  We rode clockwise around Pyramid Mountain to a fun offshoot that hit the Schurman paved road.    Hit the paved road to Red Rock State park.  Checked out Red Rock crossing, the path across the river.  Was passable, but we were at the 8 mile mark, our low point of the day, and decided to head home.  After a snack at the park, we headed up on Ridge trail.  At the top of the hill, had a nice descent to Carroll Canyon trail to the top of the ridge, at the Old Post trailhead.  Hit the neighborhood and rode out to Hwy 89.  Climbed 1 mile on pavement to the top of the hill, to the condos.  13.5 mile day.

Francine on Special Ed

Love the narrow singletrack on the red rocks


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