April 22, Special Ed again - Sedona

Francine on Special Ed.

 OK - had to take Bill & Renee on this route.  Special Ed is a narrow, user-built, trail, that starts across the street from our condo, at the high school.  Rode “S Trail” to Special Ed to Ramshead to Red Rock Crossing.  Got our feet wet crossing Oak Creek to Baldwin Trail to loop around the rock.  Crossed back over Oak Creek, our lowest point of the day, to climb Ramshead to Old Post to Herkenheim to the top of the hill.

Bill did an amazing track stand, hovering over a cactus, preventing a fall that would have sent him to the hospital.  Bill held his position until Francine ran back to grab the handlebars, so he could dismount.  His back tire was elevated on a rock, about 8-10 inches high, surrounded by cacti.  We put the tweezers to good use, plucking pricklies out of Bill’s shorts and leg.  He got off real lucky.  After Special Ed, we were on more system trails, which were a little wider and easier to ride.  The loop around Baldwin trail was real pretty thru the red rocks.  12 miles.

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