April 24, Arizona Trail, Sunset Trail - Flagstaff

Bill and Renee left early on Tuesday morning, so we took that needed rest day off as tourists.  Had a lazy morning, went shopping in Uptown Sedona, and had lunch at Oak Creek Brewing in Tlaquepaque.  We must be getting old, because we briefly thought that taking a Pink Jeep tour looked nice.  Of course we didn’t want to over pay, because, don’t you get a free trip for going to a 90 minute time share presentation?    Somehow we didn’t have time for that during our 2 week stay.  Nor did we have time for the Grand Canyon.

Smooth trails in the woods, Flagstaff Az.

Wednesday, we made the trek to Flagstaff to ride the trails we rode two years ago.  Flagstaff, at 7,000 feet, is only 28 miles from Sedona, but the nice drive up Oak Creek Canyon is windy, so takes over an hour.  The posted speed limit is 40 MPH, if you are lucky to go that speed.  We started at the Fort Valley trails again.  Trails were a little dustier than last year, as the snow either melted quicker this year, or was non-existent .  Rode Fort Valley, Schultz, Chimney, Lower Moto, Super Moto, Arizona Trail, Secret, #3 Climb to the top.  Had a sweet descent on Sunset, back up Secret to descend on Arizona trail to Schultz Creek.  Signage was awesome this year, and we climbed on the newly signed Arizona Trail, which on my map looks like it used to be called SuperFly.  Was sure nice to have flowy singletrack for a change.  19.3 miles.

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