April 21, Teacup to Soldier's Pass area - Sedona

Renee on Thunder Mt. trail

We spent some time placing cars after we found out we needed parking passes.  These trails right above town are quite technical, but gorgeous, as we are riding on the red rocks behind town.  Bill had been nursing his front tire.  It had a hole that he patched.  It finally gave way today.  Luckily, we were stopped when the tire lost all it’s air instantly. 



We had a generally downhill, up & down, day, as we parked one car at the bottom of town.  We started at the Thunder Mountain trailhead - rode counter clockwise on Chimney Rock Lower and Upper, Thunder Mountain trail, Teacup, Soldier’s Pass Singletrack, Grand, Adobe Jack, Coyote, back on Grand to Crusty.  We were ready for a short day after yesterday.  Trail was very up and down, and despite the short mileage, still a workout.  7.5 miles.

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